Waukegan Woman’s Club


General Federation of Women's Clubs Illinois




Bonnie Brook Golf Club House

2800 N. Lewis Ave.

Waukegan, IL

The 1st Monday of every month October through December and February through May at Bonnie Brook. In January the meeting is at Trinity United Lutheran Church in Waukegan. If the 1st Monday of January is on the 1st then the meeting is the 2nd Monday.


The October, January and May meetings start at 12 Noon because there is a luncheon and the other meetings start at 1:00 PM.




President – Margie Morocco

VP and Membership – Judy Golwitzer

Program Chair – Carol Behm

Recording Secretary – Betty Nelson

Corresponding Secretary – Ethel Flesher

Treasurer – Chris Smith

Chaplain – Doris Devore



The Sesame Club started February 19, 1894 when 12 women gathered with the idea of forming an organized club.  Between 1894 and 1898, a small public library had been purchased, managed, maintained and developed by the club.

In 1896 the club federated with the state.  In 1912, it became federated nationally and changed its name to Waukegan Woman’s Club.  Through the years the club has provided help and support whenever and wherever it was needed.


For Information About Joining Our Club, Please Contact:

Marjorie Morocco

2946 Nemesis Ave.

Waukegan, IL 60087

Phone Number: 847-623-1685

Email address:  MargieMorocco@att.net

Club Committees:

Finance and Charity – the entire Board of Directors

Arts – Sylvia Collinson

Conservation – Ethel Flesher

Education – Patricia Foley

Health - Doris Manning

International Affairs – Ludwina Homer

Public Affairs – Doris Manning

             Veterans Affairs – Arleen Kough

             Native American Affairs – Carol Behm

Public Relations – Jeanette Swanson

Friendly Relations – Doris Devore

Social and Clubhouse – Sandy Robertson, Jeanette Swanson and Chris Smith

Every year the club offers scholarships to Waukegan High School students to attend a Leadership Seminar and an Art School.

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